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ZSE starts week in red
Monday, 24th April 2017
The market came off today thanks to a block trade in ECO at 17c(2.6% down). Turnover was US$485,900.08 on the day. 1.7m ECO traded at 17c down from 17.45c; it is bid 17.4c(231k) and offered 19c(5k). 2m OKZ traded at 6.1c; it is bid 6.1c(20k). 10k OML traded at VWAP 363c; it traded at 362.75c, 363c and 364.5c; it is bid 364.5c(240). 258k BIND at 3c; it is bid 3c(429k). 31k CFI traded at 14.05c(10.2% up); it is bid 14c(100k). 77k EDGR traded at 4c; the spread is 4c(89k) – 4.3c(167k). 5k RIOZ traded at 50c. 2k DLTA traded at 86.25c, it is net buyers at 86.25c(34k). 2k PPC traded at 65.5c. 2k INN traded at 45.15c, where it is bid for 441k. AXIA is offered 7.9c(250k) and bid 7.5c(450k). SIM is bid 17.35c(200k).

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