Afdis Distillers Limited ZWL125.0000 (0.00%) | African Sun Limited ZWL7.0561 (0.80%) | Amalgamated Regional Trading (Art) Holdings Limited ZWL10.5000 (4.22%) | Ariston Holdings Limited ZWL3.2216 (-0.67%) | Axia Corporation Limited ZWL42.7202 (0.98%) | British American Tobacco Zimbabwe Limited ZWL”3,085.0000″ (-0.16%) | Cafca Limited ZWL170.0000 (0.00%) | Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe Limited ZWL52.0063 (4.90%) | Cbz Holdings Limited ZWL71.0000 (1.32%) | Cfi Holdings Limited ZWL102.0000 (0.00%) | Dairibord Holdings Limited ZWL38.0000 (5.54%) | Delta Corporation Limited ZWL165.6233 (1.14%) | Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited ZWL85.0006 (2.00%) | Edgars Stores Limited ZWL4.9595 (0.17%) | Fbc Holdings Limited ZWL30.6982 (-0.97%) | Fidelity Life Assurance Limited ZWL14.0588 (0.00%) | First Capital Bank Limited ZWL3.5004 (-2.77%) | First Mutual Holdings Limited ZWL18.0000 (3.18%) | First Mutual Properties Limited ZWL7.4100 (0.14%) | General Beltings Holdings Limited ZWL1.6170 (0.55%) | Getbucks Microfinance Bank Limited ZWL4.8500 (-19.91%) | Hippo Valley Estates Limited ZWL260.0000 (0.00%) | Innscor Africa Limited ZWL195.5423 (5.12%) | Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe Limited ZWL82.0232 (0.00%) | Mashonaland Holdings Limited ZWL2.4726 (-0.03%) | Masimba Holdings Limited ZWL50.0000 (0.00%) | Medtech Holdings Limited ZWL23.1000 (0.09%) | Medtech Holdings Limited Class B ZWL32.0000 (0.00%) | Meikles Limited ZWL122.2917 (-0.03%) | Nampak Zimbabwe Limited ZWL13.5000 (0.00%) | National Foods Holdings Limited ZWL”1,350.0000″ (0.00%) | National Tyre Services Limited ZWL5.1100 (0.20%) | Nmbz Holdings Limited ZWL12.9996 (1.32%) | Ok Zimbabwe Limited ZWL26.9300 (0.17%) | Proplastics Limited ZWL27.0000 (0.00%) | Rainbow Tourism Group Limited ZWL7.5000 (0.00%) | Riozim Limited ZWL45.0000 (0.00%) | Seed Co Limited ZWL113.6364 (3.31%) | Simbisa Brands Limited ZWL129.0252 (3.21%) | Starafricacorporation Limited ZWL1.4937 (-0.24%) | Truworths Limited ZWL2.0000 (-6.86%) | Tsl Limited ZWL80.0000 (0.00%) | Turnall Holdings Limited ZWL4.9707 (16.96%) | Unifreight Africa Limited ZWL33.5000 (4.69%) | Willdale Limited ZWL3.4010 (0.03%) | Zb Financial Holdings Limited ZWL79.3750 (0.00%) | Zeco Holdings Limited ZWL0.0200 (0.00%) | Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Limited ZWL2.9282 (-2.39%) | Zimplow Holdings Limited ZWL22.0000 (-0.54%) | Zimre Holdings Limited ZWL3.4002 (-1.97%) |

Lynton-Edwards Stockbrokers

Established in 2004, and we pride ourselves in providing a personalised and professional service.

Who we are

The firm has a diverse client-base made up of both local and international investors. Lynton-Edwards Stockbrokers is committed to Zimbabwe and its economy striving to play a significant role in the investing community by improving the quality of service offered to investors on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX) and Financial Securities Exchange (FINSEC).

Our Services

Trade Execution

We provide best execution on the ZSE, VFEX and Finsec Stock Exchanges.


We provide tailored research on specific counters, sectors and industries.

Deal structuring

The firm has a unique ability to structure deals and provide advisory services for corporate actions.

Transaction sponsor

Lynton-Edwards Stockbrokers provides sponsoring broker services to listed companies and unlisted companies that intend to list on the ZSE, VFEX and Finsec. In the process we ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

Market updates

Post trading traders give clients market colour. They also give updates on deals that have been concluded and those still outstanding.

Block deals

We do counter party searches for block deals, that is we negotiate and execute block trades on behalf of our clients