Price Sheet 10 October 2019

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There were 141 trades of 6.2m shares that turned over $4,109,694.05 as heavyweight counters, DLTA ($1.77m), PHL ($386k), OKZ ($376k), CSZL ($344k) and ECO ($281k), continued to lead in value of trades. Out of 32 active counters, 13 traded positive, 12 traded negative while 7 traded unchanged. PPC (-16.44%) led the fallers, followed by blue chip counters SIM (-2.35%), ECO

Price Sheet 02 September 2019

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The market opened the new trading month with limited activity taking place in 15 counters. 64 trades of 2m shares turned over $2,578,218.83. Three out of four indices continued to record modest gains as Industrials rose 2.82 points, the TOP TEN Index rose 0.79 points and the mainstream ALL SHARE Index gained 0.84 points. Minings remained stagnant. Top gainers for

Price Sheet 02 September 2019

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Industrials (+0.28%), ZSE ALL SHARE (+0.22%) and ZSE TOP TEN (+0.60%) swung back into the green on the last trading day of the month, scratching modest gains, as gains in NMB (+12.5%), DAWN (+2.08%), OKZ (+1.79%), ECO (+1.55%), SCIL (+1.20%) and CBZ (+0.02%) outweighed losses in 5 counters. BIND (-8.70%) led the fallers causing Minings to come off -7.90 points

Price Sheet 28 August 2019

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Total value traded rose further to close a month's high of $14,487,273.77 on the back of pronounced trades in SIM ($5m) and DLTA ($4m). Other notable trades were in OMU ($900k), INN ($700k) and ECO ($700k). Losses in blue chips SIM (-13.93%), BAT (-11.79%), AXIA (-8.96%), CSZL (-4.90%), OMU (-3.27%), ECO (-3.25%), INN (-3.14%) and DLTA (-2.99%) continued to weigh

Price Sheet 27 August 2019

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Increased activity saw turnover rising to $4,416,210.44 from the previous day's 400k bouyed by notable trades in DLTA ($2.6m), PHL ($400k), CSZL ($200k), INN ($200k) and ECO ($100k). PPC (-3.93%) headlined the losers trailed by blue chips ECO (-3.68%), PHL (-3.26%), DLTA (-3.08%), SIM (-1.80%), INN (-1.21%) and OKZ (-1.07%). 10 counters recorded gains with PWS (+19.96%) recording the greatest.

Price Sheet 23 August 2019

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19 counters were active at the close of the week with a total volume of 9m shares exchanging hands and an improved total value traded  of $6,960,132. Of the active counters, none emerged as risers while 13 traded weaker led by OKZ To read more, click here to download the full article

Price Sheet 22 August 2019

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The gains of the previous trading day were reversed as the Industrials Index, ZSE ALL SHARE and the ZSE TOP TEN fell by -0.98%, -0.94% and -1.15% respectively. Of the 12 counters that traded weaker, PWS (-20%), SIM (-15.03%), EDGR (-14.08%), FCA (-5.71%) and BAT (-5.56%) were most notable. Nickel miner BIND (+4.55%) strengthened and as a result boosted Minings

Price Sheet 20 August 2019

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Turnover fell to $2,473,735.68 from the previous day's $4m with DLTA ($1.46m), OMU ($300k), SCIL ($200k) and CBZ ($100k) remaining active and continuing to drive activity aggregates. The ZSE TOP TEN (-0.84%) , ZSE ALL SHARE (-0.56%) and Industrials (-0.57%) continued to fall as heavyweight counters SIM (-5.68%), OMU (-5.23%), INN (-1.93%), OKZ (-1.59%), CSZL (-0.64%) and AXIA (-0.53%) succumbed

Price Sheet 19 August 2019

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The market took a dip at the week's open with three out of the four indices closing in negative territory. Industrials dropped to 595.87 while the ZSE TOP TEN and the ZSE ALL SHARE fell to 164.26 and 178.72 respectively. Dual listed giant life assurer, Old Mutual (-7.71%) led the fallers while retail counter OKZ (-1.21%) and specialty retail and