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In 1983 the Seed Co-operative Company of Zimbabwe was formed by seed producers and in July 1996 Seed Co converted into a public company and successfully listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Its history in Zimbabwe can be traced back earlier and their business has operated in various forms since 1940. Initially they depended on government research for new material, but in 1973, they acquired the Rattray Arnold Research Station, the first of three research stations that form the core of Seed Co’s research intellectual property.

Seed Co’s relationships with international seed companies over the years have opened up opportunities. A joint venture with DeKald Genetics Corporation of the USA from 1992 to 1999 preceded their research collaboration agreement in 2000 with Syngenta, a European based global agribusiness involved in seeds and crop protection.

Seed Co develops and markets certified crop seeds, mainly hybrid maize seed, but also cotton seed, wheat, soya bean, barley, sorghum and ground nut seed.

Most of their hybrid and non-hybrid cereals and oil crop seed varieties are proprietary, having been developed and bred at research stations through market-oriented research and breeding programmes.

The seed is produced from Seed Co’s own parent seed under contract by an established producer network. Research has been and will continue to be, the cornerstone of Seed Co’s success and leading market position in the Southern African region.

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